Ryerson Image Centre 'The Edge of the Earth'



This show won't stop climate change but it might start a conversation. Artists have traditionally challenged views and increased awareness about subjects close to their hearts. This exhibition uses photography, video and new media to ask its viewers where do we fit into the conversation of climate change? On view from September 14 to December 4,  The Edge of the Earth:Climate Change in Photography and Video questions traditional views of Landscape and Environment.  Humans have entered into the Era of Anthropocene, dominating the planet in its uppermost layers and outermost edges.  Guest curated by Montreal-based art historian Dr. Benedicte Ramade, this indepth exhibiton fosters a reconsideration of climate change, envisioning the present crises and future consequesnces of humanity's harsh imprint on our planet.

'The Edge of the Earth' features over 20 contemporary artists from around the world, including Amy Balkin, Raymond Boisjoyly, Edward Burtynsky, Peter Goin, Naoya hatakeyama, Isabelle Hayeur, Mishka Henner, Chris Jordan, Richard Misrach, Evariste Richer, Joel Sternfeld and Sharon Stewart. Photographs from Ryerson Image Centre famed Black Star Collection will also be on view, providing historical context alongside these artistic reflections. This environmental photojournalism serves as a totem of a neglected prophecy, forewarning a slowly unfolding disaster.